20 Nov 2021

Job opportunity in Brussels, Belgium

Eurocity is looking for an Ada developer to work as consultant at EUROCONTROL. Details and contact information in the job offer.

26 March 2020

25th Ada-Europe Conference postponed

The 25th International Conference on Reliable Software Technologies, scheduled for 8-12 June 2020, has been postponed to June 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Please refer to the Notice of Cancellation for additional information.

14 May 2018

Upcoming Website Update

We are going to migrate this website to Bootstrap v4 towards the end of this year. With that, support for old browsers like Internet Explorer 8 and 9 or Netscape will be dropped.

14 May 2018

2nd Swiss Ada Event

At the general assembly it was decided that there should be another Ada Switzerland event this year. The form of the event, date and location are to be defined, so check back for updates. Suggestions are invited from the membership.

03 Apr 2017

New Webhosting

We have migrated our webhosting to a new, cheaper and more flexible plan. If you experience any problems with this page or email accounts, please contact our webmaster.

11 Oct 2016

Ada User Journal - Call for Contributions

Call for Contribution.

30 Mar 2016

Ada-Europe Conference Program Online

Tutorial & Workshop information is now available on the Ada-Europe conference website.

8 Feb 2016

Technical Corrigendum 1 for Ada 2012

The first technical corrigendum to the Ada 2012 standard has been published by ISO and can be read here. We will make it available for download in our resources section ASAP.

11 Jan 2016

In Memoriam - (William) Currie Colket

Long-time advocate of Ada, perhaps best known for his work on ASIS, also Navy Deputy to the Ada Joint Program Office, passed away on 23 December 2015 in Boise, Idaho.

11 Jan 2016

In Memoriam - Peter Naur

Danish computer science pioneer and Turing award winner (Backus-Naur form, ALGOL 60), passed away on 3 January 2016 (aged 87).

19 Dec 2015

Ada-Switzerland 2016 General Assembly

If you would like to attend the 2016 GA, please use this poll to vote for 10 March in Zurich or Winterthur, or 12 March in Torgon.

30 June 2015

Robert Dewar

It is with great sadness that we have to report the sudden loss of Robert Dewar to cancer. He will be sorely missed in the Ada World amongst others.

14 June 2015

New Website

Our website got a makeover, which aims at improved user experience on mobile devices. Check it out and please report any errors to our webmaster.

12 May 2014

Ada 2012 Reference Manual Published

Springer has published the Ada 2012 Reference Manual as LCNS Vol. 8339, available as eBook and paperback.

12 November 2013

Ada 2012 Rationale Published

Springer has published the Ada 2012 Rationale as LCNS Vol. 8338, available as eBook and paperback. All members of Ada Switzerland were sent a copy.

18 December 2012

Ada 2012 Language Standard approved by ISO

Read the press release here.